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Meet 15-years-old Britain’s Strongest kid juggles with Cannonballs| Daniel Teplitski

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“Do three things well, not ten things badly.”

― David Seagrove

When we see someone Juggling multiple tennis balls, the WOW feeling comes from the heart. What if we tell you a 15-year-old loves juggling that too with multiple Aluminium balls each of 3.3Pounds(1.5 Kgs).

Daniel Teplitski is a Child Prodigy hailing from a British circus family is the real-life Heavy Metal kid. This mighty atom is the Country’s only child, keen juggler, wowing crowds by performing with 1.5 kilos (3.3 pounds) of aluminum balls.

Teplitski is the fourth generation juggler of his family. He started showcasing his supernatural strength at the mere age of two, like a pocket powerhouse. His power is compared to a comic book character Desperate Dan. Although his family has a long history of performing at the circus, still his performance stunned all his family members. Daniel was mimicking the movements performed by his Father, Mr. Oleg, during his performance by using softballs.

He began his training session with heavy objects and also started performing in front of a live audience at the age of seven at the Acrobatic academy, Elite. It is quite impressive to see how he picks up things so quickly. He is burning the candles at both ends to become a professional juggler, just like his dad.

A Twist In The Tale:

Daniel Teplitski was prohibited in performing in Britain’s got talent. Despite giving a stunning initial audition, a Child Performance Licence, which provides medical and school absence clearance, sadly didn’t arrive on time. So Britain’s strongest 10-year-old was restricted from appearing in front of a TV camera.

Despite all this, he continued his training and now pledged to return with even more enthusiasm. He said,” I love the practice. It doesn’t feel like work to me — it’s just having a bit of a play. The weights aren’t too much for me. The more I work at it, the easier it gets so, the heavier I can go”.

Daniel is currently balancing his school life and his circus carrier. He is truly an inspiration for all and inspires you to keep hustling until you finally reached your destination. 

Our organization Global Child Prodigy Awards appreciates his works and keeps motivating them for their future endorsements. 

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Suyash |Ninja writer| |Blogger| |SEO Analyst| Content Strategist at Global Child Prodigy Awards.

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