International Parents Day 2020 | Role of Parenting Behind Every Child Prodigy Success

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“One of the greatest titles in the world is the parent and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad” – Jim DeMint

We all know the vital role our parents play in our lives, without them, we would not only not exist, but also not grow up to be the individuals we are. From providing mental, emotional, and financial solidity, our parents endeavor and do their best to make sure that their kids do not lack anything in life. This day allows us to appreciate the efforts.

Happy parents day

Today, on the occasion of International Parents Day, we’re wishing you all Happy Parents Day and coming up with a highly debatable topic – “Nature vs. Nurture.

 Nature Vs. Nurture:

Since the beginning of recorded history, a debate between inherent ability versus final training has existed. Several philosophical thinkers serve opposing views about nurture or nature behind child differences.

No doubt that child prodigies provide reliable evidence about the existence of innate talent.

However, several scientists provide the immediate indication that although inborn ability may drive child prodigies, that inherent differences between prodigies may define the field where prodigies will come through. 

Few of these surround the neurobiological activity of prodigies. Researcher Scott Barry Kaufman states that a child prodigy success talent is influenced by unique brain nerve wiring. He believes that the kid’s learning behavior is unlike due to uniqueness in brain wiring patterns. Another research by Burton states that the singularity in brain wiring patterns helps to communicate different brain areas more efficiently. Recent research even indicates that these cognitive abilities, influenced by genetic factors, play a role in prodigious achievement.

While we have adequate research findings regarding prodigies, there are very few studies regarding the right atmosphere, practice, and instructions to help individuals gain extraordinary talent. 

Child Prodigy Success:

We have several examples of child prodigies, such as many renowned artists who were not born with artistic skills. However, nurture played a role in their lives – their environment and devotion of their parents towards their passion made them excel. 

Psychologist Benjamin Bloom suggested five appropriate conditions required to be fulfilled if the child wishes to be a top performer. They are an early start, expert instruction, deliberate practice, a center of excellence, and singleness of purpose. Children cannot achieve all these by themselves. Therefore, Educational psychologist Kenneth A Kiewra rightly said in his book, Nurturing Children’s Talents. A Guide for Parents that every child needs a talent manager, most often a parent. 

The seeds of talent are usually planted at home by parents when their children are around the ages of two to five. The parents may be elite performers in the field themselves and introduce the activity to their kids. Nevertheless, this is not to say that the parent showed no link to the child’s growth. Instead, they must have provided a nurturing new environment for the kid. An example of this would be Adora Svitak, an accomplished child writer, and presenter. Despite Adora’s parents, John and Joyce not being inclined towards writing or presenting, she was a massive success; her parents’ stage for accomplishments aided her journey. 

Global Child Prodigy Awards:

Although not accepted by all, according to late psychologist Michael Howe, “With sufficient energy and dedication on the parents’ part, it is possible that it may not be all that difficult to produce a child prodigy.” This statement contributes mainly to the “Nature v/s Nurture” debate, which involves whether an individual’s capabilities are determined by the environment or/and their genetic material. 

Theoretically speaking, there is no such thing as an innate talent, and no individual is born with fully developed skills.

However, this stands out only if people accumulate experiences in the field, pay attention to detail, and show extraordinary commitment. All of which can rarely be attained without the right parenting.

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