[Video] Know about Ayan Gogoi, Youngest Author of India, in just 3 Minutes

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At four years of age, Ayan Gogoi Gohain became the youngest Author of India. His 80 page book, ‘Honeycomb’, has thirty anecdotes and thirty accompanying illustrations. The price of the book is just Rs. 250 and it is available at all the major online stores in India.

According to him, he loves to write about fascinating things happening around him. His second book published recently is titled Bumblebee, with 33 articles written on 33 different subjects. The video below will give you the idea of his writings and his achievements as an author.

Interesting Facts about Ayan Gogoi

  1. According to Ayan, his grandfather inspires him to write and paint about new stuff every day.
  2. Once he compared seven colors of the rainbow to the seven notes in music and wrote a poem.
  3. His love for animals forced him to write his second book and he would love to set the animals and birds free into outer space.
  4. Ayan Gogoi’s first art exhibition was organised on August 3 at Mizoram University Auditorium in Aizawl. This exhibition had 62 paintings on display and wasn’t on sale.
  5. This youngest author was invited as a guest speaker at Literary Summits in various places, including the India Global Summit 2018.
  6. He has received the Global Child Prodigy Award and was also listed under the top 100 Prodigies as well.
  7. Ayan has also received The India Book of Record Award, The Tomorrow India Global Summit Award, The Asom Sahitya Sabha Award, and the Srimanta Sankardeva Sangha Award.

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