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Pros And Cons Of Toy Guns For Children

When the subject of giving toy guns to children comes up, it is either met with shocked gasps of excited enthusiasm. As shootings and...
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Adele de Garde: The Eminent American Child Actress of Silent Era

A child star and a longtime member of director D.W. Griffith’s Biograph stock players, Adele De Garde was an American child actress of the...
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Jedediah Buxton: A Former Child Prodigy And Mental Calculator

Jedediah Buxton (1707–1772) was a noted English mental calculator, born at Elmton, near Creswell, in Derbyshire. Mental Calculator is a term to describe a...
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Everything to know about child ear piercing

Baby ear piercing is a common practice across many cultures. Parents should wait until children are old enough to make the decision for themselves....
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Jorge Cori: A Former Chess Prodigy Who Has Inspired The Youth

Jorge Moises Cori Tello is a Peruvian Chess prodigy. He is No. 1 among Under-18 players in the Americas No. 3 in Peru and...
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What To Do If You Have Overweight Children

Parents want the best things for their children. If you have overweight children, chances are you want to introduce them to some healthy habits....
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Stevie Wonder: The Most Creative Musician Of 20th Century

Stevie Wonder, originally named as Steveland Judkins or Steveland Morris, is an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. This child prodigy developed into one of the most creative...
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Laszlo Polgar: The Man Who Raised Three Child Prodigies

Laszlo Polgar was a researcher from Hungary who studied intelligence and had a fascination with understanding geniuses. He had learned well over 400 prodigies...
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