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Why is Daily Routine Important for Children?

Daily Routine builds a lifestyle. Your daily routine determines your health, mental and physical, time management skills, discipline, and persistence. Daily habits shouldn’t be...
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Michelle Wie: From Qualifying USGA At 10 To Being In Top 10

When someone discusses golf as a sport to someone, what comes first to mind is an adult human holding a club about to hit...
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Lydia Sebastian: The Child Prodigy Who Knocked Down Einstein in IQ.

Child Prodigies are known for breaking records or establishing new ones, and one such prodigy is the 12 years, old, of Indian origin living...
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Oscar Shumsky: The Marvelous Musical Former Child Prodigy

Musical prodigies receive a lot of appreciation and recognition. Most musical Prodigies were able to get an excellent platform to perform and showcase their...
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Erik Demaine: A Multitalented Former Child Prodigy

Child Prodigies are not just extraordinary, born-talented, marvelous humans. They’re curious and focused enthusiasts who are hardworking and tenacious in their respective domains. One...
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Claudio Arrau: The Chilean Prodigious Pianist

The piano is one of the most elite and sophisticated instruments. It requires focus, intellect, patience, and pure talent to play such a complex...
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Camille Saint Saens: A Former Musical Prodigy Who Did Unimaginable Works

Musical prodigies are prestigious gems and admired globally. We, as an audience, have witnessed significant personalities of musical prodigies in the early decade. They...
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