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12 Stories by Osheen

Teaching Your Kid About Good & Bad Touch

According to the National Crime Record Bureau, 109 children were sexually abused every day in India. A 22 percent hike is there in such cases from the...
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Stress and Trauma in Children is a what parents need to look after

In this hard-to-predict volatile world, it becomes challenging to cause a child to be distressed. It could be peer pressure, competition, or even an...
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Effective Ways To Build Parent-Child Relationship

A parent-child relationship is one of the beautiful relationships that one can have in their life. This relationship helps in building a child’s mental,...
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Ways To Promote Early Literacy In Your Child

In simple language, literacy means the ability to read and write at least in one language. That language should be understandable by others. Literacy...
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Do you know these Benefits Of Homeschooling?

Homeschooling, as the word describes, is tutoring your child at home. This Is picking up momentum as more parents are cautious about how their...
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Innocent Childhood & Parenting Mistakes

Becoming a parent is considered as the greatest blessing of God. Parents share a beautiful bond with their beloved children. Parents love only love,...
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Chase Carrera, the exceptionally talented kid in one minute

Chase is a twelve years old soccer player who aspires to be the best in the world. He wakes up early to practice soccer...
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[Video]Emanne Beasha, The Melodious Singer, In One Minute

Emanne Beasha is among the top 100 child prodigies of the world. She is a 12 years old melodious singer who started singing at...
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[Video] Know The Beautiful Multi-Talented Twinkle Jaiswal in one minute

Twinkle Jaiswal is a fourteen years old multi-talented child who was born in London. She is one of the renowned celebs who are famous...
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[Video] Know The Spelling Bee Champion Akash Vukoti In Just One Minute

Akash Vukoti is the first-ever first grader to qualify for competition in the “Scripps National Spelling Bee.” He is a great TV personality who...
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[Video] All About Youngest Ever Artist Aelita Andre, In One Minute

Aelita Andre is born a painter; the world-known her as the youngest professional artist around the world. Her relationship with colors began when she...
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[Video] Know The Youngest Inventor, Adeeb Al Blooshi, In 1 Min

Adeeb Al Blooshi is an 11 years old Emirati boy. At the age of 9, he invented a lightweight prosthetic leg (artificial foot) for...
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