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Martha Argerich: One Of The Greatest Pianist Of All Times

It comes as a joke when we talk about a challenge that toddlers give to each other, but what if someone says a challenge...
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Jose Raul Capablanca: Former Chess Prodigy With Exceptional Endgame Skill

Jose Raul Capablanca, a Cuban chess player, was world chess champion from 1921 to 1927. A chess prodigy, he is widely renowned for his exceptional endgame skill and...
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Ethan Bortnick: The World’s Youngest Solo Musician

Remember those toy pianos that we used to have in our childhood. We mindlessly pressed random keys to make whatever weird melody we could....
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How To Help Your Child Through Early Adolescence?

Are you a parent of a young teen? May all good wishes are with you. Get prepared for a large number of emotional outbursts,...
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How To Keep Kids Entertained While You Work From Home?

It’s a challenging task to do work from home with children. As the world battles with the pandemic, many of us work from home...
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How To Get Your Baby To Sleep At Night?

Nothing feels more special than looking at your little angel fall asleep peacefully right next to you. Those little steps complete our world with...
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7 Strategies To Help Your Child Score Good Marks

Like it or lump it, evaluation is a vital section of academic learning. The analysis may estimate elementary competence. Or, if it computes the...
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Jeremy Bentham- A Former Prodigy And The Founder Of Modern Utilitarianism

Jeremy Bentham thrived as an English philosopher, social reformer, jurist, and economist regarded as the founder of modern utilitarianism. Born on 15 February 1748...
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