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Vincenzo Bellini: The Italian Composer & A Former Prodigy

Vincenzo Bellini was an Italian opera composer with exceptional talent. He was known for his long flowing melody lines. The prodigy Bellini had a short...
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Five ways to help kids to focus on e-learning:

 The year 2020 brings a lot of changes in everyone’s life. Majorly offline work is changed into online work. The same happened for the...
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[Video] Lydian Nadhaswaram- The music prodigy in one minute:

Born on 6 September 2005, Lydian Nadhaswaram is an Indian multi-instrumentalist from Chennai. Music lies in the heart of the little musician. He can amaze people...
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Understanding Your Child’s Strengths

Every legend has a different strength, but all are special in what strength they have. The famous poets and writers have poetry strength. The...
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How to help kids with Hormonal Changes

When you feel like every time your child is growing, it is not just an imagination. They are actually growing and changing due to...
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[Video] Te’lario Watkins II: The little Mushroom farmer in one minute:

The prodigy Te’lario Watkins II is a thirteen-year-old mushroom farmer from Ohio. He is the hero who aims to end hunger in the world. His interest...
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Having the “Bird & Bees” Talk with your Growing kid:

Growing Children has a lot of queries in their mind. It is necessary to have Bird & Bees talk with your growing kid. But what does...
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[Video] Know the playback singer Sreya Jayadeep in one minute:

Born on 5 November 2005, Sreya Jayadeep is an Indian playback singer from Kozhikode, Kerala. She has sung many songs and albums in South...
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Teaching your kids about infatuation and heartbreaks

Today the primary concern of parents about their teenage child is their infatuation. Infatuation means an attraction, obsession towards someone. The perspective of teen’s...
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How To Support a Kid With Mental Illness?

Mental illness in children is very typical to understand but can be cured. During the mental health from it become difficult for a child...
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The Tragic Life of a Former Prodigy: Robert Peace

Nothing is fixed in life. Sometimes life seems good, but at another moment, it may be worse. The same happens with the talented person, Robert...
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Teaching your child about real friendship:

Friendship is an essential part of life. Good friends are hard to find, but when found, they provide a support system in life. These...
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