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  Harshit has four years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy and search engine optimization. Feel free to contact me at Team@gcpawards.com



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[Video] Know All About Reuben Paul In 1 Minute

Reuben Paul is an amazing Indian boy who became the CEO of a company when he was just 9-years-old. He has been recognized as a...
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How Does Anantya Anand Balance Her School Life & Work Together?

Some people amaze the world with their exceptional and incredible works. One such girl is 11-year-old Anantya Anand, popularly known as Miss Anand. People...
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[Video] Know About John Talan Church, A Jazz Dancer, In Just 2 Minutes!

John Talan Church is a 14-year-old jazz dancer from Virginia. He was among the top 10 finalists on the reality show, So You Think...
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Aliqqa Noverry – A Skater Prodigy Who Is All About Speed

An 11-year-old skating prodigy, Aliqqa Noverry, from Indonesia, is known worldwide for her skating skills. She represented Indonesia in the Asian Games 2018 and...
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Some fun ways to teach kids about ocean conservation:

Everyone knows that our earth consists of water more than land. The water is in different forms, ocean, rivers, waterfall, lake, etc.  Ocean cover...
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Meet World’s Top 5 Child Prodigies In Mathematics

Every child is gifted in some way or another, but some of them have exceptional skills, and they amaze everyone through their talent. Although,...
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Kiwi Alejandro Camara: Filipino American Attorney & Former Child Prodigy

Kiwi Alejandro Camara was born on 16th June 1984, and presently he is a Filipino American attorney. He is also popular as K.A.D. Camara....
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World’s Top 7 Child Prodigies In Music

The world is full of talented people, and everyone is talented in some way or the other. But, some of them discover their talent...
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How Did Nimna Hiranya Become A Mathematics Prodigy?

Nimna means ‘Never Ending’, and just like her name, Nimna Hiranya is a 14-year-old girl whose skills are never-ending. She is a mathematics prodigy from Colombo,...
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Five Facts About Emotions That Every Child Should Know

Kids usually don’t know what to name the feeling they are experiencing. The different ways in which a child behaves are different emotions that...
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Stacey Fru Shares Her Thoughts On Women Empowerment

Stacey Fru is a young girl who is a writer, public speaker, and activist at the age of just 13 years. She is a three-time...
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William Cullen Bryant|A Multi-Talented Former Child Prodigy

We know many poets who are extremely talented and their work are praiseworthy. We come across many poems and the notable works of different...
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