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Five Girl Prodigies From India Who Made The Nation Proud – National Girl Child Day 2021

National Girl Child Day is celebrated every year in India on January 24. This day aims to raise awareness among people about exploitation, equality,...
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This 7-Year-Old Has Become World’s Youngest Author – Abhijita Gupta

Abhijita Gupta, a 7-year-old girl from Ghaziabad, has been recognized as the world’s youngest writer by the International Book of Records. At such a...
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Yathaarth Murthy ‘s Campaign To Revive A 4.5 Acre Lake In Bangalore

Yathaarth Murthy decided to start a campaign to revive the lake with his five classmates, who had the same mindset. Yathaarth says that it...
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Licypriya Kangujam Makes A Device That Coverts Air Into Water

A 9-year-old climate activist, Licypriya Kangujam has amazed everyone by inventing a device that converts air into water using solar energy. The device is...
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Exclusive Interview Of Daniel Teplitski, Britain’s Strongest Kid

Daniel Teplitski, the 16-year-old power juggler, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. Ms. Swathi Bhojaraj, an In house Legal Counsel &...
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Lydian Nadhaswaram’s Musical Journey With Indian Musician, A. R. Rahman

Some people are just like miracles of God. One such kid is Lydian Nadhaswaram, whose piano skills seem to be God gifted. The young child...
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Homeschooling or Private Institutions, Which One Is Best – Akash Vukoti

When most children don’t know how to pronounce alphabets, Akash Vukoti competed in the spelling bee championship. Akash is an 11-year-old spelling prodigy from...
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Ophelia Morgan-Dew | This 4-Year-Old Girl Has An IQ Higher Than Einstien

Nature sometimes surprises us by creating some extraordinary people. One such girl is 4-year-old Ophelia Morgan-Dew. She has received an IQ score of 171,...
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The 8-Year-Old Incredible Nature Art Painter – Adeline Nia Fernandes

Unlike most 8-year-old kids, the little girl, Adeline Nia Fernandes, has already made a name for herself as a fantastic artist. She started to...
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This 10-Year-Old Is ‘US Kids Golf World Champion’ – Bento Assis

Talent has no age and it is proved by the little Bento Assis. Bento Assis is a 10-year-old Golf prodigy from Boca Raton, FL,...
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Difficulties Faced By Rahul Vellal In His Musical Journey

Rahul Vellal is a 13-years-old amazing classical singer from India. He has caught global attention at such a young age due to his incredible...
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Exclusive Interview Of The Amazing Young Author | Ayan Gogoi Gohain

Ayan Gogoi Gohain, the 7-year-old author, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. The renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian, Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy,...
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