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Tips On Using TV & Internet Wisely For Your Children

Today, children spend more of their time online or in front of a screen, like Tv, computers, Mobile phones, etc. And now, as all...
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[Video] Know The Kathak Prodigy, Vriti Gujral, In one Minute

Vriti Gujral is a 13-year-old classical dancer from India. This young Kathar dancer aims to promote Indian culture & tradition, and wants to spread...
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How Did Miguel Secillano Become A math Whiz?

Some people in this world have something called extraordinary and one of such people is Miguel Secillano. He is an 11-year-old genius child from...
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Minou Drouet – A Poet, Actor & Former Musical Prodigy

Marie-Noelle Drouet, popularly known as Minou Drouet was born on 24 July 1947 in La Guerche-de-Bretagne, France. She was an incredible poet, musician, and actor. Her story is very curious...
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[Video] Know The Young Pianist, Evan Le, in 1 Min

Evan Le is a 9-year-old incredible pianist from California. He developed an interest in Piano at a very young age and started playing it...
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Ruth Lawrence: A Mathematician & Former Child Prodigy

There is not any minimum or maximum age of learning. Some people set records at an older age. But there are people whom we...
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Murray Gell-Mann: Former Prodigy & Nobel Prize Winner in Physics

Murray Gell-Mann is a Nobel Prize winner in physics. In 1969, he received the Nobel prize for his work on the theory of elementary...
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[Video] Know All About DJ Switch In Just 1 Minute

Erica Amrah Bra Bulu Tandoh is a 13-year-old girl from Ghana who is popularly known as DJ Switch. She had no knowledge of the...
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[Video] Know All About Ayaan Zubair Rahmani In Just 2 Minutes

Ayaan Zubair Rahmani is a 13-year-old popular actor & influencer from Mumbai, India. He has appeared on many TV serials as well as Bollywood...
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Future Aspirations Of Sheilah Sheldone

The 11-year-old girl, Sheilah Sheldone, has been catching the attention of people from all over the world. She is mostly known for her artistic...
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Amanda Dunbar: Amazing Painter and an incredible Prodigy

There are very few personalities who gained popularity as a fantastic oil painter. Among those, Amanda Dunbar is one. She is currently listed as...
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Kedar Narayan Talks On: Should Every Child Learn Coding?

Kedar Narayan is a 12-year-old entrepreneur. This child prodigy has already founded a company known as ‘Heart For Wildlife.’ He has always loved three...
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