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Max Emilian Verstappen – A Former Prodigy Known As Baby Driver

Max Verstappen, also known as a baby driver, was born on 30th September 1997 in Hasselt Belgium. He harnessed in to do very large...
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[Video] Know Nihal Raj, The Little Chef Kicha, In 1 Minute

Nihal Raj is a 10-year-old chef prodigy from India, who is popularly known as ‘Little Chef Kicha.’ His cooking journey started when he was...
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[Video] Know All About Pe-tehn Raighan-Kem Jackson In One Minute

Pe-tehn Raighan-Kem Jackson is a 9-year-old amazingly talented girl who recites poems fantastically. She has caught millions of people’s attention worldwide through her poetry...
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Saul Kripke – A Former Prodigy Who Gave Amazing Contributions To Various Fields

Saul Kripke, born on 13 November 1940, in Bay Shore, New York, is the eldest among three children to Dorothy K. Kripke and Rabbi...
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Wang Yani – The Painting Phenom & A Former Prodigy

Everyone in this world is known for their work, their personality, but very few leave a mark on society with their talent, skills, and...
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10 Ways To Encourage Honesty In Children

In the digital world, nowadays children are learning everything from the television show they watch. Children must learn moral values and understand the real...
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Bento Assis Wins The Jekyll Island Cup 2021

The 10-year-old US Kids Golf World Champion, Bento Assis, has recently won the Jekyll Island cup 2021. The child prodigy is a 3-time world...
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Fu Mingxia|An Olympic Gold Medalist & A Former Child Prodigy

It says some people are born to make history and Fu-mingxia is one of those gems probably. Fu Mingxia is a retired Chinese Female...
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Anne Marie Imafidon – Founder Of STEM & A Former Math Prodigy

It says ” Everyone lives for themselves, but the ones who live for others are rare”. And this unique quality outshines Anne Marie Imafidon...
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Future Aspirations Of Kedar Narayan

Coding is something that adults also don’t find so easy, and obviously, it’s not. But, 12-year-old Kedar Narayan has mastered it at such a...
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Akiane Kramarik: An American poet, painter & former prodigy

It is rightly said that age is just a number, a damn mathematical number! We often ignore the creativity of a child and judge...
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[Video] Know The Boxing Prodigy, Ramadan Ondash, In 2 Minutes

Ramadan Ondash is an exceptionally talented kid from Lebanon. Popularly known as the “Muaythai Kid,” he fights in a higher category in his country....
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