Aron Szilagyi Makes History: Hungary’s Athlete Wins Gold Third Time in a Row

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Aron Szilagyi

A Champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.

– Billie Jean King

Veteran Olympian, Aron Szilagyi won the gold medal in the Men’s Individual Sabre discipline in Fencing, awarding Hungary its the first medal in the tournament. This is his 3rd consecutive time winning Olympic gold in the category. We celebrate his stellar skill and experience and congratulate him on defending his title brilliantly.

Aron Szilagyi was born in 1990 in Budapest, Hungary. He began fencing at the age of 9 and names his first coach Gyorgy Geverich and his father, Aladar Gerevich as his inspiration and motivation.

Aron Szilagyi in Tokyo Olympics

He began representing Hungary at the age of 17, and in his first international tournament at the World Fencing Championships, won gold in the team event. However, in competitions held in 2008, 2009 and 2011 and several international locations, Szilgyi faced defeat. Living by the motto, “You can’t always win but you must always try.”, his break came when he qualified for the London Olympics in 2012 where he won his and Hungary’s first gold that year. He followed this up by finishing first, once again in the Rio Olympics in 2016 in the same category.

Aron Szilagyi

For this exemplary show of skill, he was awarded the Order of Merit of Hungary, the second-highest state honor in the country.

A man of great dedication, he has won or finished at the podium in every single competition since 2012. An honorary citizen of Budapest, his third consecutive Olympic gold has created history, making him the second athlete to ever achieve such a feat in fencing in Olympic history. 

Aron Szilagyi


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