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We live in a world of competition. In school, there was a competition too. There was a competition in the world of Art also. In all these things, it becomes quite difficult for a student to manage school life and life as an artist. Still, some children did it, and they are the child prodigy. One of them is Apoorva Panidapu.

Apoorva Panidapu’s first competition:

Apoorva Panidapu, an Indian California child prodigy, is famous as a human calculator due to her skills of calculating more quickly than a calculator. She participated first time in a maths competition when she was in 3rd grade. It was the first time when she counters the global issue of gender. A boy asked her why she is here; girls cannot win the competition and even not get close to winning”. But she won because of her passion for mathematic and her fundamental belief in human rights. And she did well in academics too.

Human Calculator' Apoorva Panidapu to Showcase Talent on NBC's 'Genius  Junior' | Global Indian |
The young genius | Apoorva Panidapu

How does Apoorva Panidapu Balance her studies and Art together:

She was a girl full of skills, an all-rounder. When she was not doing mathematics, she was still busy with her other talents. She had won many medals in mathematics and art, writing, speech, and debate competitions.

She had won many regional, state, and national awards only because of her hard work and dedication.

In 2017, she became the grand prize winner of NASA Langley Research Center’s Centennial Student Art Contest. Her artwork was publicly published displayed in Virginia.

Apoorva Panipadu
A multitalented prdigy

She has appeared in NBC’s “Genious Junior,” a show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. The show gives her fame and recognition. She was in 7th grade at California Connections Academy at that time.

She has even got the President’s Volunteer Service Award three times.

Winner of Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first and only organization to recognize talent from various countries and backgrounds. The GCP Award list includes children with extreme competency in their fields such as painting, modeling, sports, intelligence, etc.

Apoorva Panipadu
Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

Apoorva Panidapu won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for her intelligence. Her name was also among the top 100 prodigies of the year. She is delighted to win this global award as it is one of her most significant achievements.

Inspiration for the youth: Apoorva Panidapu

At the age of enjoying life, she had gotten a lot of fame, and it is all because of her dedication. She teaches mathematics lessons to raise funds for VT Seva and, in this way, supports visually challenged kids in India. In Africa, she raises funds for children through her artwork. She was the founder of Apoorva Panidapu’s art gallery(in 2017). 

It was an online platform where she shares her paintings and raises funds. Her such activities show that she is the owner of a golden heart. She loves working with GLAM(Girls Leadership Academy meetupas an ambassador. She is a perfect example of a balance between school life and the life of an artist. The young genius is a true inspiration.

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