This 11-Year-Old Girl Is Smarter Than Stephen Hawking – Anushka Dixit

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“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein

At 11, when most kids face teenage angst, Anushka Dixit has set her name as a brilliant child. Anushka is from Barkingside, London. She has been declared to be smarter and brighter than the historical genius, Stephen Hawking. She got a remarkable score on the Mensa Test, a famous IQ test to measure intelligence levels. Anushka’sAnushka’s score was 140 on the test, which is 2 points higher than that of Stephen Hawking. It is hence obvious that she is exceptionally brilliant.

The Little Girl With A High IQ – Anushka Dixit

The little girl, Anushka Dixit, was younger than most of the people who participated in the quiz. But, still, she has managed to get the highest score out of so many people. With her score, she is now among the 2% most intelligent people on earth. For the test, Anushka said that she did not find it that difficult but said she was just nervous about getting one question wrong. 

11-Year-Old Indian-Origin Girl Is Smarter Than Einstein and Hawking, Scores  Highest Marks In Mensa IQ Test | #WhatMumsAreTalkingAbout | Momspresso
Anushka Dixit with her Mensa certificate

In an interview, she said that “It was not very difficult, just slightly difficult. Initially, I was very nervous as there were lots of people way older than me,”

On April 20, Anushka took her Mensa IQ test at the University of East London. She memorized the entire periodic table in just 40 minutes and got a score of 162, two points more than physicist Stephen Hawking’sHawking’s score. The requirement for Mensa’sMensa’s membership is a score at or above the 98 percent on individual standardized IQ or other approved intelligence tests. Anushka had a score of 140, which is considered as a score of genius.

The Young Genius

Anushka might be just 11-years-old, but the little girl has already passed her 11 plus exams. It is a prominent secondary school exam in the United Kingdom. According to her mother, Anushka has always been a smart and curious child from a very young age: She started talking when she was just 6-months-old. 

Indian-origin girl scores highest possible 162 on Mensa's IQ test...
The Child Genius

The young genius hopes to concentrate on her studies as she has big aspirations for the future. She wants to become a prime minister one day. Her favorite subject is English, and the little girl loves poetry. She likes all the subjects. There’s no subject at school that Anushka doesn’t like. She has already memorized the periodic table. She does this to test her memory, which is remarkable. 

The Global Child Prodigy wishes Anushka Dixit a great future ahead. We congratulate her for her accomplishments.

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