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Anne Marie Imafidon – Founder Of STEM & A Former Math Prodigy

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It says ” Everyone lives for themselves, but the ones who live for others are rare”. And this unique quality outshines Anne Marie Imafidon – a successful entrepreneur who not only pursues her dreams but empowers other women to become entrepreneurs and be self-independent.

Early Life

Anne Marie Imafidon was born in 1990, England. Her father, Chris Imafidon is an emigrant from Edo State and an ophthalmologist. Her mother is Ann Imafidon, Anne is the eldest among four children. She is the founder and Ceo of Stemettes, and also a former Child Prodigy mathematician.

Her younger siblings had also been prodigies in academics accomplishments who broke age records at their time.

Anne-Marie Imafidon - Keynote Speakers | Speakers Corner
a former prodigy

Imafidon began her schooling at St Saviour Church of England Primary School in Walthamstow, London. She passed two A-level Examinations in Mathematics and computer science when she was 11 and became the youngest one to do so in the whole United Kingdom. It was very difficult for some stereotypes to admit that a female can receive this much appreciation.

Anne Marie Imafidon – a successful entrepreneur

This was not all, At the age of 13, she secured a British scholarship to learn mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. At 15, in 2005, she was avowed to a degree programme by the University of Oxford. At 17, she carried on with her master’s degree at Oxford University. Moreover, by the age of 19, she became the youngest ever graduate with a master’s degree and a girl who can speak six languages. Thereafter, her steps never paused for a while.

A Life in the Day: Stem pioneer Anne‑Marie Imafidon | The Sunday Times  Magazine | The Sunday Times
Anne Marie Imafidon

She said – If I ever have children, I will never want them to know that their mother is the only woman left in science and technology. Hence, she commenced Stemettes. It is an enterprise that works to encourage young women to initiate their careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is popular as STEM as well. Anne is an inspiration to many, who want to fly with their wings but fails.


Although moving towards her goal, Anne has introduced Women Tech Charge, a podcast that invoices themselves and has conversations with women entrepreneurs (often funny talks) who are taking charge in the technological stream.

Digital Assembly. Speech by Anne-Marie Imafidon (Head of Stemettes), 17  June - YouTube
Founder of STEM

Imafidon worked in-a-nutshell for Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, and Deutsche Bank before the foundation of Stemettes in 2013, receiving victory in the work of women in STEM. Stemettes operates roundtable and hackathons motivating girls and young women who are thinking of a STEM career. Also, in April 2014, Imafidon was the addresser at the BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium. 

Awards and honors received by Anne Marie Imafidon- 

  • She has clenched Honorary Doctorates from the Open University, Glasgow Caledonian University, University of Kent and the University of Bristol. 
  • Honored with the British Computer Society (BCS) Young IT professional of the year, 2013.
  • Red magazine, Women of the Year award, 2014.
  • Received Prime Minister’s Points of Light Award, 2014.
  • Specified as the  Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2017 New Year Honours.
  • Covered in the annual Power List in 2020 and 2021, of the 100 most influential people in the UK of African/African Caribbean descent.
  • And In recent, Suffrage Science award (2020)

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