Meet 7-Year-Old Chess Prodigy, Andreas Doemer, Relating To The Series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

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The famous Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit has increased Chess’s popularity and craze across the world. A seven-year-old prodigy, Andreas Doemer, who lives in Saint John, relates to this popular series. At the tender age of seven, he plays like he has years of experience. 

The 7-Year-Old, Andreas Doemer, Is Obsessed With His Game.

Andreas Doemer was just four-and-a-half when his father taught him to play Chess. He admits that the game is his passion. He plays Chess online all the time and at least two games every day. At the young age of seven, Doemer already has many medals and trophies and holds a national title. Andreas has been crazy about the game for about three years now. He wants to become an international Chess master and then a grandmaster.

Andreas Doemer

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The little player consistently takes the board from adults far beyond his years. He has even tied an international master from Jamaica. Andreas plays online on the Queen’s University chess team from his home. His coach is Richard Bowes, but he is also learning from the Saint John chess scene veterans, including Dan Elman. Her mother says that Andreas is obsessed with the game. His father has to put on a stopwatch when Andreas goes to bed to read his books. When the timer goes off, he has to stop the chess reading.

The Chess Prodigy Relates To The Popular Netflix Series

Andreas has not seen the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit that has sparked more interest in the game. The series is a story about a chess prodigy, and is based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel with the same name. According to his mother, the child prodigy can relate to the obsession of the main character with the game and the thrill of taking on international chess masters.

The Chess Prodigy

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Many new players are getting inspiration to take up the Chess by a character of The Queen’s Gambit, Beth, a child prodigy with a troubled past. Andreas advises adults and kids inspired by the series to take up the game.

The Global Child Prodigy congratulates the Chess prodigy, Andreas Doemer, for his incredible talent & achievements. We wish you a great future ahead.

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