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Akiane Kramarik: An American poet, painter & former prodigy

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It is rightly said that age is just a number, a damn mathematical number! We often ignore the creativity of a child and judge them based on their age, we underestimate them and tell them to just focus on their studies instead of diverting your mind in different fields. But Akiane Kramarik ’s parents were not like that, they supported her in becoming a child prodigy.

Early Life

Akiane Kramarik born July 9, 1994, is an American poet and painter. She began drawing at the age of four. She was not a normal child, she was extraordinary. Kramarik used to say that she saw the faces of Jesus Christ in her visions. Akaine is a personality of influence and motivation for many people around the world.

She is a self-taught person, she says that Jesus used to talk to her regarding her visions and encouraged her to draw.

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An incredible former prodigy

The best part was that she was never ignored by others; her family and teachers always encouraged her. She started drawing at the age of 4, painting at the age of 6, poetry at the age of 7, and completed her first portrait of Jesus Christ at the age of 8 which was later sold for $10,000.

Akaine Kramarik ‘s Inspiration

The inspiration of her paintings is from heaven and religious experiences. At the age of 12, she completed 60 paintings. She got popular at an early age and proved that age is just a number! She has completed 200 artworks and 800 literary works and published 2 well-known books. Akiane is a spiritual person, she went from being Christian to being Catholic and studied Buddhism.

Her favorite and most memorable portraits include “Prince of Peace”. She completed this painting at the age of 8 after an extensive working of 40 hours. But unfortunately, it was stolen and sold by an exhibitor without permission, after 16 years it was recovered and was sold for $850,000.

A Perfect Example – Akiane Kramarik

She worked hard and most importantly did what she loved. This former child prodigy gave her best and did wonders both in the field of painting and poetry.

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Akiane Kramarik

Encouraging children to do what they like is the best way to keep them mentally strong and most importantly happy. As a child, I know what it feels like when somebody else asks you to do something against your will.

Akiane did what she liked to do, earned fame, and money. Her parents also supported her in any way possible and now she is a perfect example of everyone with dreams.

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