This 7-Year-Old Has Become World’s Youngest Author – Abhijita Gupta

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Abhijita Gupta, a 7-year-old girl from Ghaziabad, has been recognized as the world’s youngest writer by the International Book of Records. At such a young age, she has also won the title ‘Grandmaster of Writing‘ by the Asia Book of Records for her great poetry and writing skills. 

Youngest Writer Of The World | Abhijita Gupta

Abhijita Gupta is a grade 2 student from Ghaziabad, India. Abhijita belongs to the third generation of the renowned poet, Maithili Sharan Gupt. There is hence no doubt that how this little girl can author beautiful short stories and poems. It is in her blood. She has already published a book that is named ‘Happiness all Around’. It is a collection of short stories and poems written by Abhijita. This book’s target audience is children. 

How Did Abhijita Gupta Start Writing?

According to her mother, she started to read when she was four. Her parents gave her books with full sentences when she was just introduced to phonetics. The amazing thing is that she managed to read them very well. She developed an interest in writing when she was 5-years-old. Her father is a Chartered Accountant, and her mother is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur, and they are ready to support their daughter. 

Abhijita with her parents

Abhijita utilized the COVID-19 pandemic very well, as most of her writing took place during this lockdown. A few of her poems are ‘Mother Earth’, ‘Study is my best buddy,’ ‘Let’s try let’s fly’, and ‘Precious Friendship.’ Now, Abhijita is planning to write a book about the ongoing pandemic and its effect on children worldwide. With her talent, it is evident that the little girl will achieve greater heights and influence many youngsters with her beautiful writing. 

An Incredible Young Author

While speaking to ANI, she says, “The surroundings and even the little things inspire me. I only write about positive things that comes around me- what I see, hear or feel.” 

Abhijita with her book

Writing a published book at such an early age defines her level of creativity and imagination. It is obvious that she will enhance her skills even more, when she grows up. The Global Child Prodigy congratulates this little author for her achievements. We wish her a great future ahead.

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