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Exclusive Interview Of The Incredible Art Prodigy – Aarav Verma

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Aarav Verma, the 14-year-old artist, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. The renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian, Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, hosted the talk. He is also the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions. Mr. Kavin’s institutions serve more than 7000 students every year.

Join us as we take you through the excerpts from Aarav Verma‘s interview.

Aarav Verma, Tell Us a Little About Yourself

My name is Aarav Verma, and I am 14-years-old. I want to thank my parents because I am here today only because of their support. I am truly blessed to have them as my parents. They made me realize that being the right person is the most important thing. My dream is to do something for the welfare of society. My aim is to become an inspiration to the kids to paint and express themselves freely.  

Child Artist - Aarav Verma - YouTube
Aarav Verma

I started painting at the age of three. I don’t remember the first painting, but I remember a painting that I drew when I was seven. The painting was the face of a lady with red hair that I made through my fingers. All my paintings are untitled, but that specific painting was named ‘A Lady Shadow.’

How Is The Whole Lockdown Been Treating You?

I have heard many good times and bad times but never heard of a pandemic that has surrounded the whole globe. Being an artist, I must do something for the welfare of society. I am very fortunate that I have been able to do some fundraising events during the pandemic like ‘Fight Covid With Canvas.’ It was a fundraising event where I made some artworks and generated funds to help the poor migrant laborers fight hunger. I was also honored to get NDTV’s and World Vision India’s together with children.

Aarav Verma, How Do The Fundraising Team Get In Touch With You?

People of all ages like my work. It gives you confidence when someone appreciates your work. I believe in standing up and supporting humanity through whichever way is possible. That’s what made me realize that I should utilize my skills to create a positive message in society. If anyone wants to reach me out, they can write an email to, or they can contact my father. 

Aarav Verma
Aarav Verma

How Do You Balance Your Studies & Artworks?

I am in grade nine. I manage my time by making artworks which is also a part of my studies as well as my paintings. In 2018, I had to miss school for ten days to participate and exhibit at World Art Dubai. After that, I had to do a lot of pending work, but I managed it.

What Are Your Hobbies?

I love to watch fantasy and action movies. Also, I like to learn about computers and technology. Other than that, I like cycling, and playing table tennis but I am not good at this. But, all my hobbies are not above my emotion which is to serve the society.

What Was Your Experience With The Prominent People You Have Met?

The Living Paint Brush| Aarav Verma
The Born Artist|Aarav Verma

I was just 11-years-old when I did my first live painting show. It was an honor that Ustad Shujaat Khan Ji acknowledged my talent and provided me with a chance to perform on his music. The show was a great success, and my painting was also auctioned. The entire fund was given to Rama Krishna Mission for the free treatment of cancer patients.

Aarav Verma, Do You Have Any Future Plans?

I always live in the present. The only thing is that I want to help the society in as many ways as I can. I want to become a soldier in the field of arts for my nation. My dream would only come true when all the children of my age would give it a thought that there should be peace, love, and harmony everywhere. 

How Would You Want To See The World After 10 Years?

I have only thought of producing my artworks based on my emotion and serving humankind. I believe that if I were able to generate more ideas, my hard work would make my dream turn into reality. 

Who Are The People That Support You The Most?

I always get support from the people around me who are not still vocal. They show me the right path of kindness and are working to spread love. My parents help me with the maximum of their time, which is not easy. Many times, their schedule is based on my timetable. I don’t have words to thank my parents.

How Did You Learn Painting?

I don’t know how people learn painting. I have never gone to a drawing school, and I believe that painting is just an expression of your thoughts. Painting is not restricted to a canvas; it spreads different messages that one can’t think of. I am unable to count all my artworks, but they are not just artworks; they are my life to me.

Is There Any Painting That Is So Close To You?

I have one painting that is called ‘Four Faces.’ It took me 8-10 days to complete the painting. It is one of my best artworks because whenever I see it, I realize how creative I am.

Aarav Verma, How Does It Feel To Be A Global Child Prodigy Awardee?

Aarav Verma receiving the GCP Award 2020

The appreciation of people, their emotions, and my paintings make me feel that I am a prodigy. It feels great that I am a Global Child Prodigy Awardee, and I am among the Top 100 prodigies of the world. It is a great honor for me.

Aarav Verma’s interview with Global Child Prodigy

Thank you, Aarav! You are an amazingly talented kid. We hope that you continue to shine the way you are. We wish you all the very best.

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