7 Positive Ways In Which Kids Can Use Social Media

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Social media is a new usual way of communication that connects us. It is not merely a source of communication but also a platform of entertainment. Social media attracts kids the most. Kids like to spend most of their time on social media than playing with their friends. Being the guardian, it is our responsibility to keep an eye on them. Is the person genuine who with the kid is talking? Is the kid using the correct/ safe medium? What kind of language kid is using? These are some essential things that should be considered by the guardians. 

1. Introduce your kid to social media.

Teach and introduce your kids to social media.

Your kid should know all the possible features of the social media that he/she is using. Your kid should have the knowledge to use the medium in the right way. 

2. Don’t forget about age restrictions

You should provide the particular social media platform according to the age of your kid. Don’t let your kid engage with adults who are strangers to him/her. Age restriction is significant in social media. Also, keep an eye on the kid while the kid is watching stuff on YouTube. 

3. Teach your child the basics of socialization.

Teach them that they should not share every personal detail on social media. Make sure that your kid is not sharing personal information or other bank details with strangers. 

4. Screen time limitations

Time limit is necessary not only for kids but also for the parents because kids do what they observe. Don’t let your kid spend too much time on social media. This can make them short-tempered. Tell them the harmful effects of spending too much time on social media.

5. Keep an eye on their social media activities

Keep a track of their activities on social media.

You should know the password of the social media platform that your kid is using. Keep checking their activities and friend circle from time to time. Ask them to avoid talking to strangers who are not of their age group. Adult strangers can spoil your kid. 

6. Follow their posts

It is essential to know what your kid is sharing or posting on their profile page. Stay connected with your kids on social media and keep checking their profiles. You should see the access of your kid. The pictures or videos that your kid posts tell a lot about their mental status. Don’t let them post their everyday life stuff too much on social media.

7. Go through their chat box

Since your kid is too young to hide his/her chat inbox, keep checking the chat box of your kid. You should be very concerned about the language that your kid is using with his/her friends. 

These are some essential things that you should keep in your mind before your kid enters the world of social media. Give them the freedom to use social media but never forget to keep an eye on them. If possible, sit with them while they are using the internet. Your kid should know the dark phase of this social media world and make sure that your kid has not been bullied or harassed by anyone. Keep counseling them from time to time.

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