5 Effective Ways To Teach Your Child To Read

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Learning to read is essential for a child. It is because literacy skills are fundamental today to be successful in your life. Reading is not a thing that can come overnight; it takes a bit of time. So, parents don’t need to worry if their child is taking time to learn to read. No two people can master reading at the same time. Patience is a must, especially when a child finds difficulty in reading. Nowadays, parents start teaching their kids to read at a very early age. But, most of them acquire the skills at the age of 4-7 years.  We are here with some strategies that may be helpful for parents to teach their child to read:

1. Use Nursery Rhymes To Build Phonemic Awareness

Teaching your kids through nursery rhymes and songs can be a fun experience for them. The rhyme and rhythm in such songs help them to hear the sounds and syllables in words. It can be a perfect way for them to learn to read. Phonemic awareness is one of the most critical skills in learning to read, and an excellent way to build this is to clap rhythmically together and recite songs. These playful and bonding activities are a fantastic way for kids to develop literacy skills and achieve success in reading.

2. Engage Your Kid In A Print-Rich Environment

One of the best ways to make your child learn reading is to create daily opportunities for them by making a print‑rich environment at home. Whenever children see words printed on posters, charts, books, labels, etc., they try to apply connections between sounds and letter symbols. When you go out, point out letters on posters, billboards, etc., and ask your child to read. After some time, you can teach them to sound out letters to make words. 

3. Understand The Core Skills Involved In Teaching To Read

Learning to read is not that much easy; it involves several different types of skills. There are five essential components of reading. All children need to have the following skills to learn how to read successfully. 

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  1. Phonemic awareness –  It is the ability to hear and recognize the different sounds in words.
  2. Phonics – It is about identifying the connection between letters and the sounds they make
  3. Vocabulary – It is about understanding the meaning of particular words and their definitions.
  4. Reading comprehension – It is about understanding the meaning of the text, both in storybooks as well as informative books.
  5. Fluency – It is the ability to read out with speed, accuracy, and understanding.

4. Read With Your Child On A Daily Basis 

Most people don’t realize it, but kids indeed pick up so many skills through the simple act of reading to them. It helps them to understand how to sound out words, growing vocabulary. And the most important thing is to make them hear what a fluent reader sounds like. Moreover, regular reading helps your kid develop a love of reading, and it is the best way to set them up for reading success. Strengthen their comprehension skills by asking questions while reading. 

5. Be patient

Readers Are Leaders: How Reading Skills Benefit Your Kids | Read Smart  Learning

Every child learns with his/her own speed and pace. So, parents need to keep a thing in mind, which is to make their learning enjoyable. Read with them regularly without worrying about the time they are taking to learn. Sometimes you can let your children pick out their books so that they enjoy. What parents need to do is to be patient. It will be one of the best ways to give them the best chance at reading success in no time.

We hope that these tips would help the parents to make their child learn to read. The Global Child Prodigy gives best wishes to all the parents and children out there!

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