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10 Ways To Encourage Honesty In Children

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In the digital world, nowadays children are learning everything from the television show they watch. Children must learn moral values and understand the real meaning of being honest. Different parents use different methods to encourage honesty in children. Some of the popular ways that every parent should learn to teach their kids, to be honest, are as follows:

Always stay calm and patient:

Whenever you first find your child lying, not being truthful, or hiding something, never shout and scold him/her. In such situations, you should sit down and calmly talk to them, explain them the consequences that they can face if they are lying. Be patient and wait for your child to understand the importance of honesty by himself/herself.

Fair and logical punishment:

Punishments are necessary for a child to improve and learn from their mistakes but they should be logical. The biggest reason for lying in teens is that they think that the consequences will lead to their loss of privileges. Parents can give them some fair punishment so that they can really get to realize their mistakes. Slapping them or giving any physical punishment is totally illogical in this case.

The opposite side of lying:

How to Instill the Value of Honesty in Your Child - You are Mom

The opposite side is arguing and it can work as a positive part because in an argument and child tries to tell his perspective and tries to understand what their parents are thinking about them. Parents should be responsible and care about their children’s perspectives.

Explain to them the long view:

Lying is a short-term satisfaction. Parents should tell their children how it can affect their future goals. Try to explain it to them through examples as children catch anything quickly with the help of examples.

Discover the root cause:

Truth for Kids: 5 Tips for Teaching Children Honesty - Primrose Schools

If a teen is lying repetitively about something, they should take it seriously and have to do some research by talking in school and their friends. Parents need to identify the problem and address the issue.

Model honesty:

Parents need to be honest as much as they can in front of their children like if you have promised something to your child then you cannot ignore it, you should try speaking the truth all the time to explain to your child the importance of honesty.

Truth = Reward:

Parents always scold their children whenever they lie to them, but they never praise their children when they show honesty. You should reward and praise them for their honesty, this will surely encourage honesty in children.

A good company:

Three Ways You Can Help Your Kid Be More Honest

Children learn from the company they have, find your child with a company of honest children. If he/she has friends who lie or cheat then your child is very much likely to adopt the same habit but if their company includes honest children then they will learn to be honest.

Have a conversation:

Don’t be a lecturer be a friend! If you want your children to share everything with you freely without any hesitation then have a soft conversation with them, not a lecture as in a lecture there is a one side talk and the listener feels frustrated as he cannot tell his point of view.

Personal space

If you expect your child to be honest with you then, you should give them their time, especially to teens. Personal space is very necessary given to everyone. If you aren’t giving them personal space, you can’t expect them to be honest always.

We hope that these tips would help you on your way to encourage honesty in your children. The Global Child Prodigy team wishes you a Happy Parenting!

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Anand Krishnan Namboodiri Graphic Designer at GCPA | Three Years of Experience in Graphic & Product/Industrial Design Feel free to contact me at